Electric power 2016: coal power

Electric power 2016: coal power
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Country: United States
City: New Orleans
Languages spoken:
Contact person: Anthony Licata
Phone: 713-343-1889
Website: http://www.electricpowerexpo.com/

18-21 April 2016, New Orleans, LA Electric power 2016 is a 4-day event which will be held on 18-21 April in New Orleans, LA. It is the largest coal power conference in the USA which brings together the largest players of the world electric power market. The meeting covers all aspects of power generation including both business and technical perspectives. The committee of the event, which includes more than 100 power industry executives, managers, and engineers, will provide an opportunity to see the latest developments in the industry, including products and service related to electric and power industry. Join us in New Orleans and become a part of a new future!  

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