Salon Bois Energie 2017 : Limoges, France

Salon Bois Energie 2017 : Limoges, France
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Country: France
City: Limoges
Languages spoken: English
Address: Limoges
Contact person: Thomas Morand
Phone: +33 3 84 86 89 30

The Salon Bois Energie brings together the most complete range of wood heating appliances, wood fuel types and wood fuel supply chains as can be found anywhere. Be it for heating your house, your business or for your local community Europe's brightest talents can be found exhibiting their expertise, experience and modern wood heating equipment. The uniqueness of the Salon Bois Energie is expressed in its coverage of the complete wood energy chain from forestry management across the production and supply of all the different types of wood fuels to energy production by co-generation and direct heating appliances.

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