Bunker Fuel Asia 2020

Bunker Fuel Asia 2020
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Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Languages spoken: English
Company Name: Centre for Management Tech
Address: TBA
Contact person: Foo Hui Yan
Phone: +6563469113
Phone2: +6568175741
Fax: +6563455928
Website: https://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=200310&pu=282921

Highlights : Assess the industry’s adaptiveness to IMO 2020 disruption, how smooth was the transition? Availability of compliant fuels at major bunkering ports – any issues? Have prices been impacted & What about the spreads between HSFO & VLSFO? Quality & claims in the post 2020 era – compatibility & stability of VLSFO, what are the surveyors seeing? Prospects for cost recovery & freight rates – are vessels recovering from the scrubber investments & are owners able to pass on costs of new fuels to shippers?    Early assessment of economic impact & implications on trade flow/shipping demands Has there been enough bunker credit to finance the new global supply chain? Impacts on other elements of the supply chain, such as storage & barging Looking ahead to GHG regulations & best fuel strategies for an uncertain future – what are the prospects for alternative fuels such as LNG? Biggest surprises so far generated by IMO 2020.

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